Family Law

Our family law attorneys represent all clients throughout the difficult and emotional process of the dissolution of the marriage. We handle the entire dissolution process from dispute resolution through mediation, through the pretrial and trial proceedings and post trial review in the appellate courts. The areas of practice covered under the heading of Family law include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, adoption, paternity, custody, support and child care including all appeals.

Commercial Litigation

Our litigation attorneys represent clients in both Federal and State Court proceedings in a variety of disputes arising from contractual agreements, landlord/tenant leases, real estate commission disputes, probate litigation, insurance claim litigation, and construction contract litigation. We handle the entire litigation process from alternative dispute resolution procedures through the pretrial and trial proceedings and post trial review in the appellate courts.

Real Estate Litigation

Our firm handles all real estate transactions, including commercial and residential leases. Our firm can assist in the purchase and sale of residential or commercial property and protect the client from potential litigation. Our firm handles all litigation that arises from a real estate transaction, including litigation to enforce and/or the sale of real property, collect earned commissions for brokers and Real Estate Lien foreclosures. Our firm also represents Brokers who appear before FREC.

Construction Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in providing legal representation for the litigation and mediation of all construction disputes. We handle all areas of construction law, including the preparation of all contracts including subcontracts agreements. We represent owners, engineers, architects, new home builders, general contractors, subcontractors, landscape architects, materialmen and all design professionals in these construction matters throughout Florida.


Our firm has years of experience in handling appeals in state and federal courts. We have represented clients in appeals of all final orders and interlocutory orders including appeals and all writs. We have appeared before appellate courts throughout the state of Florida including the Florida Supreme Court.